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Banoffee Pie

You know, the English really know how to make delicious desserts with weird-sounding names.  I mean, spotted dick–delicious, but seriously, is that a good name for a food item?  Is it an appetizing name?  Seriously?

But I digress, because today I did not make spotted dick. I made banoffee pie, and you can’t imagine how many people have said to me in the last 24 hours, “Banoffee pie, what’s that?”  Turns out it’s banana plus toffee, hence, banoffee.  Don’t feel bad, I didn’t know either until I was watching Paula Deen this weekend (I am a Food Network junkie) and she made a banoffee pie.  It looked both delicious and easy, so, I tried it.

This was my first attempt at a graham cracker crust.  Graham cracker crusts, where have you BEEN all my life?  Holy cow, they’re easy to make.  I mean, I don’t think regular pie crust is that hard to make, but if you can’t make a graham cracker crust, well, you probably shouldn’t be playing with an oven anyway.

Next, I fished our last two cans of sweetened condensed milk out of the cabinet and poured them in a glass dish.  Then I pulled out a disposable roasting pan left over from two Thanksgivings ago (no, I don’t have a real roasting pan, I don’t roast giant turkeys often enough to warrant buying one), popped the glass dish in there (it just barely fit), and poured water in the roasting pan up per the instructions.  This would also be the first time I’ve ever cooked with a bain-marie (that would be the fancy name for the water in the roasting pan technique).

After the “toffee” cooled, I poured half in the cookie crust, sliced the bananas into the pie, and poured the other half of the toffee over the top.  Then I popped the whole thing in the fridge to really set up, and then took it over to my neighbor’s house.  I didn’t do the whip cream part, because I didn’t have any whipping cream.

I still had a banana and some toffee left over, so I made some little graham cracker tartlet shells and made mini pies for J and myself.  Holy cow, ridiculously overly sweet, I couldn’t even eat it and J couldn’t finish it.  Just seriously cloying.  Give me a nice banana cream pie any day over this thing.


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