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Pie Therapy

I find making pie very soothing.  There’s something really comforting about rolling out a crust and filling it with something delicious.  I’m going through a sort of rough patch emotionally this week, so on Monday I had a little pie therapy.  I made a dozen pumpkin pies-in-jars, the start of Christmas and hostess gifts for the holiday season.  And then I made a pecan pie, and an eggnog pie.  No, there is no eggnog pie recipe in the Betty Crocker cookbook, but as I was pulling eggs out of the fridge for the pumpkin pie, I realized that we have a big jug of eggnog hanging around in there.  So I thought, “Hmmm, I wonder if you could make a pie with that?”

Five seconds of search the net, and there it was, an eggnog pie recipe. OMG delicious, seriously!  J loved it too, and he doesn’t even like eggnog.  In fact, I invited my friend Anne over for some pie the next day, and she also said it good.

Eggnog Pie

But here’s my beef with this recipe: it made too much filling for the 9-inch pie pan I used.  And it was extraordinarily runny, and took an extra 25 minutes to cook up longer than the recipe said it would.  But the basic concept and flavor were good.  Next time, I’d use only a cup and a half of eggnog instead of two cups, and I’d add in some cinnamon and nutmeg.  I might also add in some spiced rum, because we love the Captain in our house.

Now that all the pies are done, I feel pretty good.  Almost good enough to face the giant pile of dishes in the sink.  Almost.


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Since I don’t work on Mondays, that’s when I tend to make a lot of pie, as well as prepping meals for the rest of the week.  This week, I happened to have a couple of carrots and onions hanging around, and I’d just gotten my AmazonFresh order delivered with a big bag of potatoes and some ground turkey.  So I though to myself, “What can I make with this stuff?”  The answer was, of course, Shepherd’s Pie.

Now, I absolutely despise pot pies.  One time when I was a kid, my mom made some kind of pot pie and I refused to eat it, so she told me I was going to sit in front of it until I ate it.  So I sat in front of it, not eating it, until it was bedtime, and then happily skipped off to bed.  Seriously, I hate pot pie.  But the idea of shepherd’s pie, with all that mashed potato goodness on top, now THAT appeals to me.  I’d never made one before, but I found a Rachel Ray recipe online, and put it together.  Then I put it in the fridge until the day we were ready to eat it, then J popped it in the oven.  Honestly, the flavor was not so hot.  It needed a LOT more spice.  But the overall concept was not bad and the mashed potato part was actually tasty.  I may attempt this again at a later date with a different recipe.

Once that was done, it was time to make a real pie.  I decided to make two one-crust pies: a pecan one, and a French Apple one.  That morning when I dropped my son off at daycare, Char (our neighbor and a great daycare provider) gave me back the foil pie pan that had contained the apple pie I made for her last week.  I said, “Oh good, I’m going to make more pie today, so I’ll make you another one.”  She said she liked both apple and pecan, so I figured I’d give her whichever one was the least pretty, and take the pretty one to my office so I could impress my coworkers.

I mixed up the two-crust recipe, rolled out two crusts, and put them in two pans.  Then I sat down with Betty again to try to figure out the whole make-the-crust-pretty thing again, since I am clearly not an expert yet.  I noticed the zig-zag crusts featured on a lot of pies, and I thought to myself, “I could make that.”  And I did!  The trick seems to be to cut the edge of the pie crust with scissors, then make your design.  It kind of folded itself as I was pinching it into the zig-zag pattern, like I’d pinch it and the far edge would fold up and the inner part of the edge would fold in so it was two layers I was pinching together.  I doubt I’m explaining that very well, but there you have it.

French Apple pre-cooking

Pecan Pie pre-cooking

The French Apple turned out a little dark on the top, so J took that one over to Char’s when he picked up our son.  So, the pecan made it to the office.


Sorry about the photo, I ended up using my cell phone because the batteries in our camera were dead.

I sent out an e-mail to my coworkers that morning entitled “Pecan Pie: Breakfast of Champions,” and sure enough, the thing was gone by noon.  Guess it was tasty!  The one coworker who gave specific feedback beyond “That was yummy, thanks” said that he thought it was nice and buttery-tasting.  Butter flavor Crisco, I heart you.

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Pecan Pie

I made my first pecan pie a couple of days ago, using the recipe on Page 313.  I made a crust for a one-crust pie from the recipe on 310, but when I bought the corn syrup, they didn’t have any dark corn syrup available, so I used light instead.

I invited my friend Anne over to try it out and give me feedback.  She declared the recipe “a keeper.”  J said he thought it was delicious and that the taste was right on, but wondered if there was a way to make the filling a little more dense.  I have no idea how one would do that, because I am still very new at this pie thing…maybe a little flour?  I also thought this one turned out pretty tasty.  I didn’t do anything special to the crust, so it’s pretty boring-looking, but the flavor and texture were good.

UPDATE: My father-in-law and his wife stopped by today to drop off some books, and I gave him a slice of the pecan pie we had hanging around still.  He said it was just the right amount of sweet.  I am loving all the compliments I get from people about my pies–I hope they’re not just being nice, because as long as they keep saying they like the pies, I’m going to keep making them.

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